véwaters First Water System in Atrél is Now Pumping Water

Together with the villagers of Atrél and AMURT – Haiti véwaters first water system in Atrél is now pumping water. The people of Atrél no longer must go 6-7 km after clean and safe water but can again get it from the village well – and the water tastes fantastic!

Check Your Account Balance and Top Up With Your véwater Card

Our new véwater cards has just arrived and they look and feel great! Just scan the QR-code with your mobilphone and you can check your account balance, see your latest transactions and Top Up with extra units online with MonCash or your credit card.

véwater cards in display box

If you don’t have a mobilephone that can scan the QR-code you can still use the 10-digit printed code to easily Top Up your account with MonCash.

We have already more functionalities in the funnel based on the feedback and good ideas from our daily users.

véwater kiosks now speaks Haitian-Creole and French

Today we have launched Haitian-Creole and French as new languages for our kiosk interface. Now the kiosk supports the three most used languages in the country: Haitian-Creole, French and English.

The next planned languages in the funnel are Spanish and kiSwahili. Are you familiar with these languages and want to contribute with the translation of the approximately 30 words/phrases used don’t hesitate to send us a mail.